A mother and daughter team...

why we do what we do…

TAKA TURMERIC is a small family business with a big vision.

We came together because of our love of health, nutrition and natural remedies.

We are particularly inspired by turmeric as it has such relevant uses for this day and age.

Our products are so loved in our community that this has given us the vision to provide them to the rest of the world.

Our Roots


KAREN (the KA in TAKA)

A qualified nurse and massage therapist, specializing in pain relief, Karen discovered turmeric while studying Ayurveda under Dr Rajen Cooppan, who is a well known Ayurvedic Doctor, nick named “The Deepak Chopra” of South Africa.

Over the past 20 years Karen has been giving Turmeric Root Powder to her clients, family, friends and pets to consume on a regular basis.

As most people didn’t like the taste of turmeric on its own, this led to the quest to find the perfect recipe…..




Having grown up on a sustainable, off the grid nature reserve at the tip of Africa.

She had wonderful growing up years “living off the land” with her mother and younger brother.

She is naturally drawn to health & nutrition and is a glowing picture of health herself.

She has always found great joy inspiring others to reach better health through lifestyle, nutrition and natural remedies and done so in her travels around the globe.

This combined with being a gifted business woman makes her the organisational force in TAKA

She says

”I have always been fascinated by business and from a young age have had an entrepreneurial mindset. From selling tasty treats at school, to making funky clocks and selling my crafts at fairs. Starting businesses and seeing them succeed is really what makes me tick ☺”

“I had a light bulb moment in January 2015, I had returned home from yachting and was listening to my mums rambling about turmeric (again), I suddenly knew that this project needed my help and that it had huge potential and deserved to be shared with the world”

Talia, joined forces with Karen in early 2015 to form TAKA with the mission of creating delicious turmeric beverages. The demand for TAKA beverages had been phenomenal that it seemed the natural choice to make these products available to the rest of the world.




(our start up specialist – phew!)

In April 2015 Graham jumped on board to help the TAKA team as their much needed Start-up Specialist. With his knowledge of modern technology and strategies, his passion for seeing small businesses succeed and his patience working with two head strong women he has helped TAKA Turmeric succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Graham has always had an entrepreneurial mindset and a keen interest in growing small businesses organically through modern technologies.

“I believe that small businesses are becoming the backbone of society again, where people can see authenticity and get a more personal experience.”

Originally from Surrey, England Graham has always had a passion for sport and after years of participating and coaching at a high level he decided to take a break and travel the world working on yachts. After this incredible experience and meeting friends for life, he decided to take another direction and start a new life with Talia in Cape Town.

“Health and Fitness has always been a priority for me. To start a business in this field and with such devoted and lovable ladies has been a real blessing. I am very excited for the future of TAKA Turmeric and what it can do for people. As a keen sportsman I am especially excited about the application towards sport nutrition.”