Black Pepper – Turmeric’s sidekick


If you have been following our social media lately, you probably already know how head over heels we are with turmeric! We love it so much, we curated an entire turmeric based line of healthy, easy to make drinks and called it TAKA Turmeric.

Turmeric is extremely popular in Asia and a famous ingredient in Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine. One compound that makes turmeric so effective is curcumin. Curcumin is proven to be a very effective and potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Amazing as it is, turmeric needs help to be absorbed in the body.

What we want to share is the power of black pepper and why we call it ‘turmeric’s side kick’. Curcumin has limited bio availability – meaning it gets metabolized really fast in the gut and liver, leaving very little time for absorption. This is where black pepper comes in. Black pepper contains piperine which inhibits the enzymes in the intestines – giving the body enough time to absorb the benefits of curcumin before it all gets digested by your gastric juices. Because piperine is able to do that, it not only increases the absorption of turmeric by a whopping 2000% but also of nutrients in food and other medications or supplements! The piperine in black pepper also aids the cells in retaining what they absorb for longer too.

Aside from being the ultimate side kick to turmeric, black pepper is actually a super star in its own right too. Not only does it add a delicious spiciness and hotness to food, it also has many healing benefits.

Black pepper is one of TAKA Turmeric’s staple ingredients. It is essential for flavour and utilizing the bio availability of turmeric.

Nature offers an abundance of powerful healing spices. For centuries, natural medicine has cultivated this gift although this knowledge isn’t always readily available to everyone. We want to help make drinking to your health easy, convenient, enjoyable and flavourful!

To your health and happiness 🙂