Why Do We Promote Organic Turmeric over Isolated Curcumin? It’s a Better Return on Your Investment!

  If you all have noticed, we love Organic Turmeric. 🙂 Turmeric is not only a staple ingredient of many…

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Turmeric and Coconut Blog by TAKA Turmeric

Super-Charge Your Turmeric with Coconut Oil

We hope that you are all enjoying with us some of the amazing health benefits that come from adding Turmeric…

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Organic vs Non Organic Turmeric

  What does ‘organic’ really mean? You’ve probably heard it – a lot of people are fussing about going “organic.”…

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Black Pepper – Turmeric’s sidekick

  If you have been following our social media lately, you probably already know how head over heels we are…

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