As we start seeing the end of the year loom into view, we begin to think about the golden hope of the year to come. It is always awesome to be given a new slate, and we always have our health at the top of the list of things we want to improve upon.

And right at the head of our health list: TURMERIC! Of course.  

Turmeric, hand in hand with her power sister, curcumin, brings so many wonderful benefits as an inflammation fighter and a powerful antioxidant. And this is just the start of turmeric’s benefits. Whether the healing is major or minor you can be sure that by using it you are going to be healing something that may need improving in your body. From top to toe, this golden, natural, healing herb will assist in helping to sort out a myriad of ailments.

The sad truth is that studies into the benefits of Turmeric are lacking. Why? You may well ask. Simply put, because there is not much money in herbal healing, research is not funded as much as other areas of the sciences of diet and lifestyle. So for this reason we say things like ‘may help’ or ‘can assist with’ etc. but we do rely on one simple thing: people talking about how these benefits have helped them!

In this internet age we have such easy access to people’s experiences, and so we have compiled a list of the healing wonders of turmeric, from stories of people we know!

So in honor of all the work you have done on your health in 2019, here are…  



  1. Reduce oxidation in cooking oils
  2. Protect the body from food pathogens
  3. Be brilliantly anti-inflammatory
  4. Aid in treating depression
  5. Reduce symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome
  6. As well as menopause symptoms
  7. Work as a youthening agent
  8. Reduce risk of various chronic diseases
  9. Be very therapeutic with Lupus
  10. Help prevent diabetes
  11. Be an active ingredient in Psoriasis treatments
  12. Boost immunity
  13. Prevent Cystic Fibrosis
  14. Delay or reverse Alzheimer’s Disease
  15. Play a role in treating Rheumatoid Arthritis
  16. Prevent blood from clotting
  17. Treat the root causes of acne
  18. Boost skin health
  19. Manage Diabetes
  20. Lower high blood pressure
  21. Protect against heart disease
  22. Boost skin health
  23. Help tame IBS
  24. Regulate Cholesterol
  25. Lower pain
  26. Lower toxicity
  27. Uphold digestive system
  28. Prevent eye degeneration
  29. Treat various muscle disorders
  30. Aids in digestion and metabolizing foods
  31. Slow down the signs of aging
  32. Protect you from Free Radicals
  33. Speeds up recovery after surgery
  34. Help with spleen health
  35. Aid in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  36. Help Treat Glaucoma
  37. Get Rid of Plaque
  38. Aid in Liver Fibrosis
  39. Prevent gallstones
  40. Protect the heart
  41. Relieve colds
  42. Reduce coughs
  43. Alleviate oral ulcers
  44. Alleviate stomach ulcers
  45. Aid good Liver function
  46. Works to help with Asthma
  47. Protects Pancreas
  48. Heals bone fractures
  49. Protects Liver
  50. Assists in weight loss
  51. Help Ease Symptoms of Osteoarthritis
  52. Treat or prevent Diabetes
  53. Beneficial with epilepsy
  54. Help with other seizures
  55. Regulate Thyroid Health
  56. Treat UTI’s
  57. Soothe Eczema
  58. Help Psoriasis
  59. Help heal wounds
  60. Improve the colors and flavors of your favorite dishes and beverages!

 Turmeric is even amazing for you your pets! Check out our blog post about how to give your furry friend some preventive doses, to keep them healthy before anything starts up. 

So this is our loving health advice to you – make turmeric an essential element of your daily health routine, all year around

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To your vibrant health!

The Taka Tea(m)

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PPS: Taking any prescription medications?  Before adding something new to your diet for medicinal purposes, you have to check with your Physician to check for possible counter-effects. We are not doctors, please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.

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