ALOHA from Hawaii - Welcome OLENA (turmeric/curcuma longa)

ALOHA from Hawaii - Welcome OLENA (turmeric/curcuma longa)

The fragrant turmeric flower and the root is revered in Hawaii so much so there is a famous song called “Pua Olena” have a listen:


Olena is held in high esteem in tropical Hawaii, and has a lovely history.

It is revered as one of the few canoe plants.


Canoe Plants?

Canoe plants were originally brought to Hawaii by the ancient Polynesians, who came by canoe, thus the name "canoe plants" was given to these sacred and life sustaining plants.


They were important for survival in many ways and became part of Hawaii’s cultural heritage.

Amongst others they brought were: ginger, yam, noni, bread fruit, vines, sugar cane & hibiscus.

Turmeric use in Hawaii:


Turmeric root was used to treat infections and colds/sore throats, and chest infections, as well as aches and pains of the joints.

It was also used as an ingredient in cooking to impart its iconic yellow color and mild spicy flavor.

It’s other use was as a fabric dye.


Thank you to the brave Polynesians for including our hero plant Turmeric in their knapsacks! all that way across the Pacific to Hawaii!

With love, The Taka Team

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