The end of this decade has arrived! But you don’t need a special date to boost yourself into your next level. The point of power being in the present moment, and all that. 😊 Set yourself up for success in every area with golden, glorious Turmeric!

With its distinctive saffron colour, Turmeric has been revered as a potent medicine by Ayurveda, the world’s most ancient medicine system. Turmeric aids digestion, detoxes the liver and promotes good health. There are 100’s of beneficial natural compounds in Turmeric, each of which has helpful effects. For example, there are 20 compounds that are antibiotic, 12 that are anti-inflammatory, and 10 that are antioxidants! It is used as a beauty aid for many things, including clear and toning the skin. One of the most exciting discoveries is that turmeric has a powerful effect on brain function, helping to improve memory and offset depression.

So that means that Turmeric has you covered, body, brain, and beauty. It’s better than a win-win, it’s a WIN, WIN, WIN!


1) Potent pain killer
Current research indicates that inflammation contributes in some part to nearly every major disease, so preventing inflammation is a significant health practice. Turmeric, or rather the curcumin it contains, has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve symptoms from conditions caused by inflammation.

2) Detoxes the liver
Turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic practices for centuries as a way to help cleanse the liver as well as the digestive system. Both need to be functioning well in order to eliminate toxins from the body.
Overconsumption of alcohol, insufficient water intake, and an imbalanced diet can really take a toll on the liver. Luckily it is a resilient organ designed to heal quickly when treated right. Turmeric has remarkable liver protective and regenerative properties, which aid your wellbeing.

3) Improves Digestion
Turmeric has been used for years to help the digestive system. It also acts as a natural diuretic, so it will help your body purge any excess fluid, including excess sodium, which can help with your blood pressure and overall weight.

1) Treats Depression
Curcumin regulates brain chemicals like serotonin and noradrenalin, which are responsible for the increased production of dopamine. The amplified secretion of dopamine dictates how our body comprehends pleasure as well as pain. This is why turmeric elevates moods and positively influences emotions.

2) Improves Brain Function
Many studies claim that after early childhood neurons are unable to divide or multiply. However, lately it has been proved that it is not the case. The neurons still remain active, albeit in certain sections of the brain only, where they can multiply and increase in numbers. A hormone that drives this kind of behaviour is called Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor or BDNF. Most brain diseases are a result of decreased BDNF hormone in the brain. When the hormone levels fall in the brain, it can cause depression or even Alzheimer’s disease. However, curcumin can improve the BDNF levels, which not only prevent these diseases but can also improve memory.

3) Promotes good eyesight
Why do we say this is good for the brain? Because of BOOKS of course! A study at the UC San Diego found that curcumin may be able to treat some types of retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative group of eye diseases that can lead to blindness. Another study found that it may be helpful in the treatment of macular degeneration.


1) Turmeric for teeth:
Though turmeric is famous for leaving a yellow stain on almost anything and everything, believe it if you will it can be a great tool to naturally brighten and whiten yellow teeth. Although the exact reason why it works is not known, many swear by it.

2) Prevent Hair Loss:
Curcumin can inhibit the activity of growth agent TGF beta one which causes the death of hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Turmeric mixed with prevents hair loss.

3) Treatment of Cracked Heels:
Turmeric is an excellent healing agent. If you have cracked heels, you can apply a mixture of 3 spoons of turmeric with a few drops of coconut or castor oil on your heels for 10 to 15 minutes before taking a bath.
Doing this regularly will soften your heels.


Turmeric is used in rituals and religious ceremonies throughout South Asia, where it is believed to evoke the energy of the Divine Mother and grant prosperity.

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