Being Kind Is Good For Your Health!

When one is stressed and anxious, as many are these days, it can affect the way we act to those around us. But here is the good news: being nice to others is one way of releasing stress and lowering anxiety in ourselves! This means that being kind is a real WIN-WIN, so let’s look at some easy ways to raise the wellbeing of your own precious self while doing that for the world around you.

You have heard the phrase Random Acts of Kindness? Well, how about we recreate the acronym RAK into Regular Acts of Kindness? That way we ALL get ALL the benefits, all the time. Remember, humans are happier when we are kinder, so don’t wait to be happy before you be kind!

Here are some important lists, I know that once you read them, you’ll be on your way.


“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference.”
~  Helen James  

10 Health Benefits of Being Kind  

1. Improve low mood.
2. Decrease blood pressure.
3. Lower the stress hormone cortisol.
4. Boosts your serotonin.
5. Raise the dopamine levels
6. And oxytocin, our brain's feel-good hormone! This helps to reduce inflammation (which is linked to numerous diseases.)
7. Causes the pleasure/reward centers in your brain to light up.
8. And reduce blood pressure, protecting the heart!
9. Additionally, acts of kindness ease your own, and someone else’s, social anxiety.
10. Strengthen social connections, which is for the betterment of your own survival.  

... and these are just a few of the many boosts you can give yourself, by giving what you can to others! 

15 Brilliantly Easy Ways to Be Kind to Others  

1. Smile at people, it costs you nothing, uplifts your own spirits, and you never know how making someone's day a little brighter may impact on their entire life.
2. Listen to people when they speak – really listen.
3. Compliment people whenever you can. Make sure it’s sincere though!
4. Do volunteer work if you can.
5. Donate blood if you are able.
6. Send out a kind email, direct message or… even a real card!
7. If you see someone struggling, offer to carry their packages for them.
8. Make sure that friends who are ill or having a difficult financial time, have what they need.
9. Help someone out in a practical way, without being asked.
10. Donate secondhand clothes, furniture, or toys.
11. Donate financially to worthy causes.
12. And the biggest donation of all, if you can - become an organ donor!
11. Encourage those who are uncertain or
12. Let someone into your lane while driving.
13. Pass on one of your skills, to someone else. Teach a man to fish!
14. Share your food or snacks with a co-worker, or someone in need.
15. Drop off presents at the closest orphanage.  

10 Ways to Be Kind to Animals  

1. Adopt, don’t shop!
2. Speak for those who have no voice – use your social media!
3. Spay or neuter your pets.
4. Make sure your pets have identification in case they run off.
5. Make sure to spend quality time with your pets/.: playtime brightens their days!
6. Make sure your pets and animals eat well. Cheap dry food can be ruinous to their health. Ensure plenty of clean fresh water. Investigate raw feeding for carnivorous animals.
7. Teach your children to respect all life forms. Educate them on their duty to care for other beings on this planet.
8. And teach them how to care for an animal’s wellbeing, from feeding to cleaning to basic health awareness.
9. Support your local animal shelter by offering your time and energy.
10. And certainly, make financial donations if you are able.

If you see anyone mistreating ANY animal, please report them! Wherever you are in the world, just google “local animal welfare” and make contact. And then, make it your business to follow this through until some action is taken.

10 Ways To Be Kind To The Planet  

1. Plant a tree in memory of a loved one.
2. Put expired food in a compost bin, to help that tree, and your garden, to grow.
3. Don’t trash things like boxes, containers. plastic bags, tissue paper and bubble wrap. Reuse is the word of the day!
4. Pick up litter even if its not yours.
5. Donate, upcycle or resell items.
6. Use natural light; spend more time outside to reduce electricity use.
7. Be waterwise! Eg: don't let the tap run while brushing your teeth, and keep a bucket in the shower to catch water for your plants.
8. Go paperless as far as you can.
9. Use a reusable water bottle or tea/coffee cup.
10. Research local events sustainability initiatives in your area. Spread that kindness, with others who are doing the same!

And 3 Top Tips on Being Kind to Yourself  

1. Meditate or simply spend quiet time indulging in kind thoughts for all the wonderful aspects of yourself . 
2. Definitely be kinder in your own self-talk. (Once you become aware of this, you will be amazed at how rough you can be on yourself.)
3. And practice gratitude. Being kind to yourself includes seeing how kind the universe has been to you.

Bonus Kindness Tip… Make A Cuppa Tea!  

Of course, one the kindness every-day things you can do, is pour someone a delicious, reviving cuppa when they really need one. So go for it, make someone’s day with this simple gesture.

Taka Turmeric Teas are born of love, created with care, kind to the planet and to humans! Read our post on our eco-friendly packaging, from tag to bag!  


For more tips, read our blog post on selfcare, you will find amazing tips here.

Thank you for the kindness of reading this whole blog. Let us celebrate silly-season with a new addiction, one that will serve us and everything around us, all year round… RAK, regular acts of kindness!  

. . .

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