What is Cardamom?  

Cardamom is a spice from the ginger family (Zingiberaceae). Cardamom is the world's third-most expensive spice, surpassed only by saffron and vanilla. This precious commodity is sold in whole pods, shelled whole seeds, or in powdered form. Like all plants, cardamom can be of use medicinally as well as in food.

The flavour of cardamom is almost indescribable – certainly potent, with notes of spicy citrus. Cardamom works best when blended with other spices. The deeply intense flavour works wonderfully in both sweet and savory dishes, for which is used all over the world. Apart from being one of the foundation spices of Indian cooking, cardamom is an essential spice in almost all masala chai (spiced tea) recipes, including our own.

In India, a prepared spice mix called garam masala gives curries their incredibly addictive flavour. To create garam masala, cardamom is blended with cloves, cinnamon, mace, cumin and other aromatic spices. 

What Is Cardamom Good For?  

• It can Help with Digestive Problems. Hippocrates himself wrote about its properties as a digestive aid.
• It has wonderful Antioxidant properties
• Can help against Bad Breath and Prevent Cavities. Cardamom neutralizes breath odors; one can chew an individual seed, instead of gum!
• Can be used for its Diuretic Properties
• Both forms of cardamom are used as flavourings in both food and drink
• It is another anti-inflammatory spice!
• And it has been said to have Antibacterial Effects, and the ability to treat Infections. 

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The Two Main Types of Cardamom Are:  

True or green cardamom (or when bleached, white cardamom), comes from the species Elettaria cardamomum and is distributed from India to Malaysia. What is often referred to as white cardamon is actually Siam cardamom, Amomum krervanh.

Black cardamom, also known as brown, greater, large, longer, or Nepal cardamom, comes from species Amomum subulatum and is native to the eastern Himalayas and mostly cultivated in Eastern Nepal, Sikkim, and parts of Darjeeling district in West Bengal of India, and southern Bhutan.

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Cardamom Uses In Kitchens
Around The World: 

• It is a common ingredient in any Indian kitchen, as it goes brilliantly with tastes like cinnamon and clove. As mentioned, it is used in Masala Chai, and also in Garam Masala, which are both staples in Indian cooking.
• Cardamom-flavoured tea is used regularly in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan.
• It is also often used in baking in the colder countries like Sweden, Norway, and Finland
• You will find it the Middle East, used as a spice for deserts, as well as flavouring for coffee and tea
• The distinctive taste can be found in Moroccan seven-spice blends
• And Thai curry pastes
• And in Turkish coffee

So – it is food, it is medicine, and sometimes, it has been smoked. That is just FIY and we do not suggest it!  

Get Your Cardamom in Our
Delicious Masala Chai

Our Cardamom comes from India. It is 100% organic! Try a cup of our delicately spiced Masala Chai to experience the flavour sensation of expertly blended organic cardamom.

These are the other ingredients packed into our Masala Chai:
• Turmeric
• Black Tea Nam Lanh
• Ceylon Cinnamon
• Desiccated Coconut
• Cardamom
• Fennel
• Black Pepper
• Clove 


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Our 100% Natural & Organic, Richly Flavourful Tea Blends

turmeric ginger tea bags by taka-turmeric
turmeric ginger tea bags by taka-turmeric
turmeric ginger tea with coconut and black pepper by taka turmeric
turmeric ginger tea box back made by taka turmeric
Organic Ginger Lemon

Organic Ginger Lemon

turmeric chai tea bags by taka turmeric
turmeric chai tea bags by taka turmeric
turmeric masala chai with coconut and black pepper tea box
back of box for taka turmeric masala chai tea bags

Organic Masala Chai

turmeric hibiscus tea bags by taka turmeric
turmeric hibiscus tea bags by taka turmeric
turmeric hibiscus with coconut and black pepper tea bags
turmeric hibiscus tea box by taka turmeric

Organic Hibiscus Cinnamon

Organic Rooibos Honeybush
Organic Rooibos Honeybush
Organic Rooibos Honeybush
Organic Rooibos Honeybush

Organic Rooibos Honeybush


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