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Our Organic Turmeric & Ginger Lemon Tea 

Some days you just need that extra zing, right? Some days just beg for a little lift, something to help light that fire under you.

That’s where our Great Taste Award Winning Ginger Lemon turmeric tea comes in! This fragrant brew has NO added flavourings, just generous amounts of precious ingredients for a full flavour. It is stimulating and uplifting, to give you a vibrantly warm feeling that lasts and lasts, well into your busy day.

Don’t be deceived by the delicate golden glow of this Ayurvedic blend – a zing of spicy ginger quickly follows the bittersweet lemon foretaste. Our expert blenders use cooling coconut to balance the complex organic spices in this caffeine-free, Ginger Lemon tea recipe. 

Organic GInger Lemon Tea Blend Ingredients 

· Turmeric
· Ginger
· Lemon Peel
· Rose Hip
· Fenugreek
· Coconut
· Black Pepper

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The Benefits of Ginger 

Ginger fuels digestion and even enhances the positive effects of Turmeric in your entire digestive system. Ginger brings a sweet warmth that keeps your digestion burning at the perfect temperature!

1. Ginger works as a safe antacid without any side effects.
2. Ginger’s phenolic compounds relieve inflammation - especially in the digestive tract.
3. Ginger is also beneficial for a weak gall bladder.
4. Ginger stimulates digestive juices like saliva.

With all of these great immune boosting benefits in Ginger, it’s easy to see why pairing it with Turmeric is the perfect combo to keep the digestive flames burning! Turmeric is well documented for its ability to fight inflammation and pain, and help with digestive issues.

Both Ginger and Turmeric are safe, all-natural super-foods that have proven results in treating digestive disorders and issues... with none of the side effects of traditional prescription medicines.

Click here to read  more in our post on ginger. 

The Benefits of Lemon 

Fresh and uplifting, lemon peel is the main source of aromatic lemon oil. In our Taka tea blends, lemon peel vitalises the other spices, leaving a fresh, sunshine zing on the palette.

We only use lemon peel that is 100% organic. This ensures that our source of lemons are entirely free from waxes, pesticides and other harmful substances. Lemon and ginger have a natural affinity which is superbly demonstrated in this refreshingly fruity blend.

1. Lemons are high in Vitamin C and help strengthen the immune system.
2. Lemon increases iron absorption.
3. Lemon supports heart health.
4. Lemon lowers blood pressure. 

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More About Our Organic Ginger Lemon Tea 

Brewing a warming cup of Taka Ginger Lemon tea is quick and easy. Just add a single tea bag to a cup of freshly boiled water, then leave to brew for a few minutes. The turmeric, ginger and lemon gradually infuse the water with a sunshine yellow glow. The fragrance is incredibly exotic, carrying notes of intense ginger, lemon, and subtle coconut.

These luxurious Taka Turmeric Ginger Lemon Tea Bags aren’t just for connoisseurs! Generous measures of golden turmeric and coconut activate the Ayurvedic properties of this organic tea.

Our Ginger Lemon recipe also contains an exquisitely crafted cocktail of exotic eastern spices. The warming spice adds layers of complexity to this delicious caffeine-free blend. 

Check Out This List Of Benefits! 

• High dose of turmeric
• 1000mg (1g) of organic indian turmeric per tea bag
• A caffeine-free treat that’s great for mornings, daytime or evenings
• Activated by crushed black peppercorns
• Contains grated coconut to help increase curcumin absorption
• Ethically sourced, with top ingredients found all over the world.
• 100% certified organic by the Soil Association
• Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
• Sugar Free
• Diary Free
• Gluten Free
• Kosher
• Ayurvedic
• Vegetarian
• Vegan

We Are An Eco Tea-Co 

· Tea Bags: Fully compostable, plastic-free, made from unbleached filter paper, and stitched with organic cotton string.

· Tea Envelopes: Recyclable Envelope made from Maxibio paper to retain freshness. These envelopes are fully recyclable with paper recycling.

· Eco-friendly Cartons: Made in the UK from sustainable sources and printed with vegetable ink. Fully recyclable with paper recycling. 


We hope you try this uplifting, energising tea treat… and let us know what you think of it.

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Our 100% Natural & Organic, Richly Flavorful Tea Blends

turmeric ginger tea bags by taka-turmeric
turmeric ginger tea bags by taka-turmeric
turmeric ginger tea with coconut and black pepper by taka turmeric
turmeric ginger tea box back made by taka turmeric
Organic Ginger Lemon - 15 Teabags

Organic Ginger Lemon - 15 Teabags

turmeric chai tea bags by taka turmeric
turmeric chai tea bags by taka turmeric
turmeric masala chai with coconut and black pepper tea box
back of box for taka turmeric masala chai tea bags

Organic Masala Chai

turmeric hibiscus tea bags by taka turmeric
turmeric hibiscus tea bags by taka turmeric
turmeric hibiscus with coconut and black pepper tea bags
turmeric hibiscus tea box by taka turmeric

Organic Hibiscus Cinnamon - 15 Teabags

Organic Rooibos Honeybush - 15 Teabags
Organic Rooibos Honeybush - 15 Teabags
Organic Rooibos Honeybush - 15 Teabags
Organic Rooibos Honeybush - 15 Teabags

Organic Rooibos Honeybush - 15 Teabags


IMPORTANT NOTE: Are you on any prescription medications? Before adding something new to your diet for medicinal purposes, make sure to check with your Physician .

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