Turmeric, The Golden Key to Health

Turmeric is the golden root of all our tea’s and supplements, so we think it is time to CELEBRATE it’s healing properties. This is not an exaggeration: this is one spice that can assist with almost all disorders, because of the 3 A’s:

1. Anti-Inflammatory
2. Antioxidant
3. Anti-Microbial

As well as its numerous other pharmacological properties.

Firstly, let’s throw a little parade for Curcumin! This is turmeric’s most studied active ingredient, delivering an abundance of medicinal benefits. It is an anti-oxidant hero, fighting off damaging free radicals that weaken our bodies and invite invasive health problems that impair joy and vitality. 

Let’s just rattle off some of its many benefits, in no particular order -

It is anti-inflammatory, easing conditions like arthritis, cholesterol and digestive issues. Curcumin and curcuminoids interfere in the invasion process of viruses and prevent them from infecting and further multiplying in the body. It is even widely used to treat depression and improve brain function!

Balance is key to maintaining your hormone levels. When depression or low mood strikes, levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin become abnormal, but curcumin has been proven to block and counter this.  

Curcumin in glorious turmeric also modulates neurotransmitters, which are the brain chemicals that communicate information throughout our brain and body. Because curcumin is a natural inflammation-inhibitor, it combats the oxidative stress in the brain by helping repair and promote new nerve cells. Curcumin is known to delay the degradation of the neurons and also act as an antioxidant, which notably improves the memory of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Turmeric helps in heavy metal detoxification: Turmeric is antioxidant and chelating, so it can bind to metals, and as if by magic, remove them from the body!

Feel a cold coming on? TURMERIC! Turmeric is a broad spectrum anti-microbial agent: it has virucidal properties against many viruses and its antioxidant properties help to treat coughs and colds. Turmeric oil can be used to decrease sputum in the lungs. Inhaling the fumes of turmeric oil helps relieve nasal congestion.

Turmeric and curcumin can work as anti-diabetic agents by reducing blood glucose levels, stimulating insulin secretion and promoting pancreas function.

Turmeric has been used for years to help the digestive system. It also acts as a natural diuretic, so it will help your body purge any excess fluid, including excess sodium, which can help with your blood pressure and overall weight.

Studies show that turmeric extract can increase your protection from DNA damage by up to 80%.

Heart diseases are the #1 cause of death worldwide, so heart health is very important for a good life. Turmeric helps protect the heart by acting on various genes.

Many scientific studies have successfully proven the incredibly healing effects that Turmeric and its anti-inflammatory ingredient Curcumin have on the pain and inflammation caused by Arthritis.

And then there are your eyes! A study at the UC San Diego found that curcumin may be able to treat some types of retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative group of eye diseases that can lead to blindness.

And it can even help undo damage created by smoking. Curcumin and its related compounds help reduce oxidative stress caused by smoking. It also protects other organs from smoke toxicity, including nicotine.

Convinced yet lol?

And, as a little added bonus it also brings that golden-orange coloring to your life.

Turmeric For Your Beauty

Being an excellent exfoliating agent, turmeric can help eliminate signs of aging. Turmeric powder has been used for centuries as a part of a beauty regimen. Even today In India, brides and grooms undergo a ceremony where they are scrubbed with turmeric to make their skins glow.

Turmeric is effective in the treatment of acne due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which fight pimples and breakouts, providing a youthful glow to your skin. Turmeric facemasks help clear acne scars and reduce inflammation but also reduce oil secretion by the sebaceous glands.

TOP TIP: You can make a paste by mixing besan (gram flour) and turmeric powder in equal proportions with water. This paste can also be prepared using raw milk or yoghurt. Apply it evenly on your face and body and allow it to dry. Scrub your face gently in circular motion. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Though turmeric is famous for leaving a yellow stain on almost anything and everything, believe it if you will it can be a great tool to naturally brighten and whiten yellow teeth. Many people swear by it, brushing with it regularly.

Turmeric’s amazing anti-bacterial properties can clear up the scalp so that dandruff does not accumulate. The fact that it stimulates blood circulation also helps by preventing dead skin cells from forming in the first place.

It also helps with hair loss! Curcumin can inhibit the activity of growth agent TGF beta one which causes the death of hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Turmeric mixed with prevents hair loss.

Turmeric Is Invaluable For Exercise and Sports

No matter what level you are at in your exercise regimen, those from newbies to top athletes can hurt after a workout. Pushing our bodies beyond their regular limitations of exercise will cause this pain, which is a natural result from making your body do more than it’s been required to before. That said, a little pain is to be expected, and is a good sign that your body is working just right!But a lot of pain, such as cramps, muscles that hurt a lot, or muscle weakness, is called muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue is when your muscles are tired out from working and can’t perform the requested tasks at a normal functioning level.

If muscles continue to be worked even after becoming fatigued, they enter a stage called muscle exhaustion. This is a crucial stage because if we don’t take the time at this point to let our muscles rest and heal, we can cause muscle damage.

These 3 stages of muscle response to exercise all involve the body’s response to stress, the dreaded inflammation.

Turmeric combats inflammation, it is the favorite secret weapon of many athletes and those who incorporate exercise into their daily lives! If you have overworked yourself during a run or your favorite spin class, or even lifting light weights, Turmeric will go to work right away to prevent chronic inflammation from settling into your joints and muscles. Plus, it will speed the recovery process faster. Taking turmeric before a workout can help prevent muscle fatigue and damage! 

Turmeric Helps Ease the Symptoms of Arthritis

The word Arthritis means “inflammation of the joints”, and it can literally feel like a fire burning inside of your joints. In fact, there is often heat associated with redness and pain in the effected joints for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of Arthritis and it comes from a decline of calcium in bones; resulting in shrinking bones that become brittle and can break much easier. It occurs most often in women age 60 and older.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is the most debilitating type of arthritis and its damage is not limited to just joints; but can spread throughout the entire system.

Turmeric is not only one of the most effective herbs for reducing inflammation and pain; it accomplishes this task with virtually no side effects! Equipping your immune system with Turmeric is like calling in the Fire Chief and the entire team of Firefighters to get your burning pain under control and closer to being extinguished!

Turmeric And Your Healthy Liver Function

Turmeric aids the enzymes that flush the liver of harmful chemicals. Its health benefits to your liver include it’s anti-inflammatory actions, protecting the liver from toxicity (which builds up from heavy metals, chemicals, medicines, etc), So – you get protection against liver damage, as well as even better liver function due to the regeneration of any affected liver cells.

And so… 

Turmeric Helps A Hangover!

We hope you never need this, but if you do…  

A root cause of the dreaded hangover is inflammation, Not only does turmeric bring these anti-inflammatory effects, it also protects the liver, and is wonderfully easy to ingest.

When preparing for an evening out, make turmeric part of your routine. Have some turmeric powder, like our easy-to-take capsule. Take one before you go out, and one half-way through your party. The curcumin in turmeric will help reduce the intensity of the backlash you will face the next day, working like a sponge on your liver and stomach lining and preventing that awful nausea.

Turmeric Can Be Your Best Ally In Lifting Depression

Depression is a medical condition in which chemicals in the brain have become imbalanced and unstable, due to factors like hormonal imbalance, family genetics, various medical conditions or different life situations.

Of course medication can be a big tool, but although antidepressant drugs are regulated, there are undeniable side effects from any chemical drug. Medicine manufactured in the laboratory can put a strain on your system, and also interact with anything you ingest. But help is here… this is where turmeric comes to the rescue, as it has been proven to help alleviate depression in many ways.

Curcumin acts as an antioxidant by finding and fighting free radicals, and even repairing damaged cells in the process. One of the ways to tell if a person is suffering from actual clinical depression or if they are simply feeling ‘down’, is by measuring their antioxidant enzymes. Low levels of antioxidants in the blood and antioxidant enzymes is an indicator of depression. (In science-speak: depression is a form of a neurodegenerative disorder from oxidative damage, which results in brain oxidative stress.

Yes, that is jargon that most of us are not used to but the good news is that this makes it treatable!

Turmeric Benefits Acid Reflux

Turmeric benefits in acid reflux in multiple ways. It improves digestion, prevents the formation of ulcers, soothes inflammation and even protects from silent reflux.

Indigestion is key cause of excessive acid production. Research indicate that turmeric can help in several ways in such situation.

Peptic ulcers are a result of long term acid reflux where the excessive acid attack on the walls of the stomach and oesophagus damage the cell lining and create ulcers.

Turmeric’s healing properties can help heal peptic ulcers and thus reduce discomfort.

Anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can help in treating symptoms and also reducing the acid produced.

Turmeric is a wonder herb for treating a number of disorders like pain, inflammation, menstrual problems, colic, nausea, headache, vomiting, fever, leprosy and many more.

Curcumin is responsible for most of its healing activities such as anti-inflammatory effects, anti-ulcerative effects, pain reducing effects and protection of the gut cells from acid attack.

Thank you to the website www.turmericforhealth.com for this great info – see the rest here.

Turmeric Can Help Your Pets and Animals

All of the brilliant benefits Turmeric brings to you, it can do for your furry friends. This is exciting news because the word on Turmeric has gone viral as being one of the most important and beneficial natural superfoods that reduces inflammation, eases pain and boosts brain function, with NO side effects!

You can use turmeric in animals for conditions such as:
- Arthritis and Inflammation. Turmeric relives arthritis pain and inflammation in all animals, allowing for easier and greater mobility.
- Turmeric has been very beneficial in older animals with age-related Dementia by increasing their ability to remain physically active and engaged with their environment longer.
- And other age degenerative issues- It is beneficial in curing “kennel cough” and other types of breathing disorders in dogs and other animals.
- Itchy skin
- Allergies
- AtopyInfections

This list sounds a lot like the list of how Turmeric benefits us humans as well, right? The wonderful thing is that Turmeric is great for all kinds of animals, not just dogs or cats. Google your animal + turmeric and you’ll see. 

To sum up, here is a quick list of the golden powers you can receive

- Turmeric is an antioxidant
- Turmeric aids metabolism & supports weight management
- Turmeric is anti-inflammatory & antibiotic
- Turmeric is antiseptic
- Turmeric aids arthritis
- Turmeric boosts immune function
- Turmeric helps heal stomach ulcers
- Turmeric soothes coughs & asthma
- Turmeric gives you glowing skin
- Turmeric lowers cholesterol
- Turmeric speeds wound healing
- Turmeric benefits spleen health
- Turmeric sooths pigmentation & uneven skin tone

So it makes sense to embrace the healing powers of this brilliant anti-inflammatory spice! At Taka we get all the turmeric needed for our daily dose of golden, glowing health from numerous sources:

- Our teas, of course!
- Our easy-to-pop capsules.
- Making Golden Paste.
- Cooking it into different dishes, click here for some of our scrumptious recipes.

Our Taka teas and blends are lovingly loaded with curcumin-carrying turmeric and a wonderful array of natural, 100% organic ingredients. They are so easy to make, and your absolute essential in lifting any dark mood. Click here for our online tea shop.

Without premium fuel from our food, we simply do not function well. To help your own microbial health, and your own mental health AND your own physical, it is vital that you become aware! Like what you are doing right now, reading this article. 😊 


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