The rituals of making, sharing, and drinking tea are so ancient they seem to be built into our very DNA. The benefits of this, whether alone or sharing, are many fold. So let’s look at them now… and immerse ourselves in the blissful alchemy of leaves meeting water!

One thing we love is that tea has less caffeine than coffee (and many teas have none at all). 

Herbal tea blends have no caffeine, and the traditional teas have less than 50% of coffee. Yay, says your nervous system, while still giving you that gentle energy boost. 

Tea drinkers have also been tracked as having lower stress levels. (Let’s brew a cup right now.)

Tea really gives you better mental health too! Tea has a natural calming effect – it is a stress reducer as well as a health tool. And there are scientific reasons for this: the antioxidants in tea work to prevent oxidative stress, which can damage healthy cells. Oxidative stress is connected with depression and other neurological issues. Antioxidants also help cleanse the body of the toxins that can cause mental health problems

And did you know that drinking tea has a positive effect on your oral health? It has fluoride, meaning it can be beneficial to good bacterial populations in the mouth. What this means is that you have less risk of periodontal diseases and cavities. 

Tea is rich in antioxidants, so your immune system will love you! Most teas carry polyphenols (found primarily in the black teas and green teas), which are known immune system boosters AND inflammation calmers.

3 Top Body Benefits of Drinking Tea

Healthy Hydration! 

People used to think that tea, like coffee, caused dehydration through its diuretic properties, but that has been dispelled. Modern research tells us six to eight cups of tea a day is as hydrating as the same amount of plain water.  

Better Digestion!

Tea contains tannins, known to reduce intestinal inflammation. Tea is your friend, helping you through the horrible effects of nausea, upset tums and even as far as soothing the pain of diarrhoea or preventing vomiting. It also helps in toning down irritable bowel syndrome.

Our two top tea picks for soothing the stomach are:

  • Ginger tea (thanks to its gingerol and shogaol)
  • Peppermint tea (due to high levels of antioxidants and menthol.)

Improved Bone Health! 

In animal studies we have seen that green tea may prevent bone loss. 

Moringa Tea, native to South Asia, is known for its medicinal properties. 

It has:

  • A higher level of calcium than milk (!)
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K

Moringa is one way to keep those bones strong, and that is why we use it in our Joint Care formula.

Tea For the Mind! 

What makes tea amazing is that it does so by doing much for your body, it does amazing things for the mind. The L-theanine amino acid is found in both green and black tea. It’s found in a limited amount of food, mostly tea and mushrooms.

By influencing nerve impulses in the brain, it causes the release of hormones that bring a sense of calm over you. It’s recommended that your drink tea if you want to improve your mental focus but specifically it improves the entirety of your mental health:

  • You’ll sleep better. During the metabolism of l-theanine, it encourages your brain to produce more alpha waves and reduce beta waves, which keeps your head clear so it’s easier for you to relax and fall into sleep.
  • Have you been offered a cup of warm tea to “help you relax”? There’s an actual scientific study conducted on this, the results of which lead the researchers to conclude that it’s not a placebo effect. Rather, l-theanine reduces a person’s resting heart rate to bring about the feeling of relaxation.
  • Increased cognitive performance. L-theanine on its own can improve a person’s attention span and reaction time. Together with caffeine (which tea also possesses), it keeps you focused and alert which can lead to the improvement in number skills.

Thank you to www.correctivechiropractic for more tea-mindfullness tips. Read the entire post here.  

3 Amazingly Inflammation-Busting Tea Ingredients: 

Licorice root: 

Contains flavanoids, which are rich in antioxidants, giving an anti-inflammatory effects and have even been touted to fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

Ginger root: 

Contains chemical compounds that help fight inflammation. Ginger is used to fight nausea and is the killer queen against arthritis. 

Hibiscus flower: 

Contains powerful antioxidants, serving an important role in immune function. It is also purported to lower blood pressure, and help with fatty liver! 

Rooibos / Red Bush:

Contains antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation and feelings of aches and pains. (Also improves blood pressure and circulation, keeps hair and skin healthy, to name a few.)

Just saying: we use these in our blends :)


Soothe Your Soul With Tea… 

Tea, for many, is a spiritual practice. The simple ritual, when undertaken with mindfulness, can center us in peace and fragrance. Drinking tea alone or with a companion can become such a ceremony, such an act of love, and a grounding aspect of everyday life. 

Tea is uplifting body, mind and soul, helping us to balance mental and physical wellbeing.

Tea is ritual, tea is also habit. Tea is physical and spiritual.

Tea. We love it! (You may have guessed.)


Our 100% Natural & Organic, Richly Flavorful Tea Blends

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