Inner and outer health and beauty

Traditionally turmeric is included into daily life for its health benefits in Indonesia. In Bali A golden elixir is made called JAMU.

It is a herbal drink made with turmeric, ginger, lime and sweetened with honey. It is said to promote inner and outer health and beauty. This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation for over 1,300 years and boasts some major health benefits, earning itself a local reputation as a ‘cure-all’ elixir.

We at Taka Turmeric are grateful to the East for this ancient knowledge from Bali and give credit to their wisdom and tradition of including Turmeric into daily life.

This is why we make delicious drinks including the turmeric root, and other healing ingredients, in a powerful and tasty synergy that increases the medicinal benefits of what Nature has provided.

The healing potential of turmeric is no new news to the wellness-obsessed. We believe in the ancient wisdom and we also have scientific backup to prove its benefits. Include our beverages in your daily life to reduce inflammation, improve digestion, concentration, liver health and enhance immunity.


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Wishing you a Golden Day!

The Taka Turmeric Team

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