15 Reasons for Rooibos! What Redbush Tea Is Good For.

The African Red Bush, or Rooi Bos as it is known in Afrikaans, is a broom-like member of the plant family Fabaceae that grows in South Africa's fynbos. The tea it produces is up there with the most delicious of the caffeine-free tea standards like chamomile and peppermint. Rooibos is a South African tea made from red bush or Aspalathus linearis, with a unique taste that leaves you with your thirst quenched and any desire for rich flavour well satisfied! It has a sweet flavour, with a soft edge of nuttiness, and a taste ambiance perhaps with just the slightest hint of vanilla. The smell of rooibos is what gets me! When these precious little rust-red sticks hit the hot water… that fresh, woody, delightfully sweet aroma hits the air and fills it with a herbal feast for the nostrils lol.

You may get the impression that I love Rooibos. I do! So, besides the sensory magic it offers, let me tell you why!  

Reasons for Rooibos: My Top 15! 

Don’t be fooled by the delicate flavour, research showed that drinking rooibos tea may have a LOT of powerful benefits. So, to enumerate just some of the numerous health benefits, here are my top 15!

1. Rooibos is considered very safe, with no side effects.
2. If you suffer from occasional digestive issues like IBS or stomach cramps, Rooibos tea is just the tonic. It contains an abundance of antispasmodic agents that relax muscles – especially in the gut. To soothe your tummy, drink a cup half an hour before eating a meal.
3. Minerals – It contains magnesium essential for the nervous system, calcium and manganese for strong teeth and bones, zinc for metabolism and immune system, and iron that is critical for helping blood and muscles get oxygen to all the cells that need it. Most black teas have tannins that prevent iron absorption. Rooibos tea has less than half the tannins of black tea, and actively helps the body to absorb iron.
4. Rooibos has anti inflammatory properties.
5. It can help to prevent the development of fatty liver disease – a potentially serious condition where fat accumulates in liver cells . It also helps damaged liver tissue to regenerate, and is recommended as an effective way to prevent and treat liver disease
6. Rooibos has high level of antioxidants, so vital for your health as they stop free radicals from damaging cells in the body.
7. Antioxidants are important for a healthy heart, which is why this tea may provide cardiovascular benefits
8. AND has also been reported to keep cholesterol levels down.
9. While products can give your hair a luxuriant feel, nourish it from the inside with Rooibos tea to make your follicles happy. Rich in zinc, copper and potassium, these minerals can strengthen hair fibres and have been shown to encourage hair-growth speed.
10. Research suggests that those marvelous antioxidants in rooibos tea may be antidiabetic, helping to keep the blood sugar levels under control.
11. Rooibos tea for lowering blood pressure? High blood pressure (or hypertension) is a common symptom of stress. Rooibos tea has been found to act as a ‘bronchodilator’, which can reduce blood pressure and ease respiratory problems. Sink into a chair with a cup and relax.
12. Rooibos tea contains very low levels of the tannins that interfere with iron absorption.
13. Bursting with bone-strengthening minerals such as calcium, fluoride and manganese, Rooibos tea will give your skeleton some much-needed TLC. Drink it regularly to encourage stronger bone growth.
14. Rooibos tea is calorie-free, making it a great drink for those trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. In studies, this tea encouraged quicker fat metabolism and helped to stop the formation of new fat cells.
15. Rooibos is caffeine-free, so you can drink it any time of the day or night. This also makes it a wonderful drink for pregnancy, kiddies, and those sensitive to caffeine. It is the perfect alternative to caffeinated teas that may interfere with sleep, and create anxiety, and other symptoms like heart palpitations. 

How To Brew Your Perfect Cuppa Red Bush Tea

Thanks to Teatulia for their awesome Rooiblos article, check it out here. We are shae, filtered water.
• Good quality loose leaf rooibos can typically be infused a couple of times.
. • If your rooibos came with specific recommendations for brewing, use those. But using about 2 grams of loose leaf herb per 8 oz. cup of water is a safe bet.
• Rooibos is generally steeped in just boiled water at a temperature similar to a black tea or herbal infusion, around 200 to 212 degrees.
• Cover your rooibos while it’s infusing to keep all the heat in the steeping vessel.
• Taste the brewed rooibos after the recommended infusion time and then decide if you’d like it to go a little longer. Unlike a traditional black or green tea, rooibos won’t get more astringent and bitter the longer it’s infused in hot water; it will just get stronger and more flavourful.
• Rooibos is nice on its own, but just like a traditional black tea, rooibos is often enjoyed with milk or cream and a little sweetener. Many tea companies are using rooibos as a base for flavoured tea blends with complementary spices like vanilla, chocolate or citrus.

With thanks to Teatulia! Check out their brilliant site, and the rest of their  Rooibos article, here!  


Get Your Daily Dose of Rooibos in
Taka Turmeric Teas.

Rooibos Vanilla Turmeric Tea - Recipe for Pure Health! 

These luxurious Taka Turmeric Rooibos Vanilla Tea Bags aren’t just for connoisseurs! Generous measures of golden turmeric and coconut activate the Ayurvedic properties of this organic rooibos tea. Our Rooibos Vanilla recipe also contains an exquisitely crafted cocktail of exotic eastern spices.

The warming spice adds layers of complexity to this delicious caffeine-free blend.

Taka Rooibos Vanilla Turmeric Tea Benefits:

• 15 individually sealed turmeric, rooibos, vanilla & spice tea bags
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When simply brewed with piping hot water, our Rooibos Vanilla blend steams in the cup with fragrant, earthy spices. Along with creamy coconut, aftertastes of cinnamon and vanilla tantalise the taste buds. Rooibos fans will appreciate the superior flavour of the top-quality organic redbush used to produce this blend. Redbush and turmeric together are a match made in heaven, with the turmeric adding a silky smoothness to this caffeine-free refresher.

For the ultimate turmeric bedtime drink, try adding our Rooibos Vanilla tea bags to a pan of hot coconut milk!  


So, now that you see into my rooibos-red heart, do you think you need to get some rooibos into your body? I certainly hope so! 

. . .

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Are you on any prescription medications? Before adding something new to your diet for medicinal purposes, make sure to check with your Physician .

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