Do you have questions about eating organic foods? You will find many answers below!

Do you believe that the state of your health influences the quality of your life? If your answer is yes (and yes, the answer is YES), then let’s look at one of the ways you can ensure that your health stays golden! And for those who have had health issues already, something you can start doing right now to get your vitality back.

Go organic, to make sure that everything you put into your body is free of toxins in whatever form.

More and more consumers are making their shift to organic when it comes to fresh produce, food, and even non-food item, but what is the fuss about? What makes organic so much better than conventional and non-organic products? Perhaps, before I talk about organic foods, let’s look at what non-organic foods can bring to the table…  

What Am I Ingesting When
I Eat Non-Organic Foods? 

Non organic foods contain an unbelievable range of all different kinds of chemicals and treatments. These stay in the body and disrupt the normal function of the cells, creating great harm.  These include: 

• Pesticides
• Antibiotics
• GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)
• Synthetic fertilizers
• Sewage sludge
• Irradiation
• Genetic engineering
• Drugs
• Hormones

In other words… an array of various toxins that degrade and break down the human body, eventually causing great damage.

Pesticides (chemicals created to kill insects, fungal pests and weeds) alone, are associated with higher risk of cancers and a host of other life-threatening diseases.  

What Does 'Organic' Really Mean?  

Today, with a lot of products claiming to be organically produced, identifying genuine organic is very important, especially if consuming it for health reasons. Unless you see and buy products that are freshly harvested before your eyes, consumers must be discerning of product labels and certifications claiming to be organic.

Organic food is simply a food without anything artificial, synthetic, chemical-filled, and genetically modified in its content. Organic foods are produced through farming practices that only use natural methods and substances. And ' organic' is not a loose term: organic has a precise meaning.

Each country has an official organic certification stamp, that willl vouch for its truthfulness in its content, nutritional value and the way it was farmed. It if does not say CERTIFIED ORGANIC, it isn't!  

About Organic Plant Foods

The demand for organic produce comes after studies producing evidence of the higher nutritional value of organically produced food. There are also others that show the damaging effects of artificial and chemical contents in food production, on consumers as well as the environment.

Speaking of the environment, organic farming also allows for recycling and contributes to biodiversity conservation – so it's not all about our own health, it is about the health of the planet. And a strong planet means strong, life-giving produce.  For us, it is clear that artificial herbicides and pesticides have harmful side effects. We need to be aware of ways to begin eliminating them in order to reduce the amount of disease in our society, and in our own homes.

What Makes A Plant Food Certifiably Organic?

For fruits and vegetables, organic produce qualifies as being environmentally produced, without those human-harming chemicals and treatments. Plants must be grown without any genetic modification, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, Ionizing Radiation or sewage sludge.  

About Organic Animal Foods

Organic animal produce includes meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products.

Organic farmers must ensure their animals are raised exclusively on organic feed. Like us, any animals that feed on organic foods are healthier and have lower  risk of disease.

And they have to make sure their animals have access to the great outdoors, to daylight and the natural elements. They must allow their animals pasture on which they can roam freely. Cows, for example, must be able to graze on fresh, quality grass for at least 1/3 of the time.

Producers are inspected regularly to make sure these practices are being followed to the letter. This all ends with healthy, happy animals living natural lives free of chemicals.  

What Makes an Animal Food Certifiably Organic?

The Animals Must Be Raised Completely Free Of:

• Livestock Feed Additives
• Antimicrobial Drugs
• Hormones
• Artificial growth hormones and Regulators
• Antibiotics
• GMO (genetically modified organisms)

vegetables in a basket

15 Benefits Of A Chemical-Free Life!  

1. Higher and more lasting energy levels.
2. Far lowered risk of common colds and flues
3. Improved gut health
4. A way stronger immune system.
5. Less frequent headaches and general feelings of unwellness.
6. Reduced inflammation in the body
7. Better moods. (Funny how better health will do that!)
8. Less Irritations in the eyes, nose, and throat.
9. Reduced stress
10. Reduced impact on environment
11. Say goodbye to those mysterious coughs
12. Say hello to clearer skin, with less irritations and outbreaks
13. Lowered incidence of asthma attacks
14. And also of respiratory and heart diseases
15. And this ripples out throughout everyone else in your home. So you want one of the best reasons of all? Healthy children!  

coconut, turmeric, pinapple and orange, with orange drink on a wooden table top

A Word on Organic Turmeric 

The ingredients we use are 100% organic - that we can absolutely guarantee. We live up to our promise to deliver all-natural remedies through health and nutrition.

NO THANK YOU TO NON-ORGANIC TURMERIC!  Curcumin, one of turmeric’s most active components, has an impressive and abundant list of health benefits – it is an effective anti-oxidant that is a great help in fighting off free radicals that damage our healthy cells and weaken our bodies, making it susceptible to countless health problems.

Certified Organic turmeric, which legally cannot be tampered with, will never have had curcumin removed from it, and will always have the full amount of curcumin intact: on average 3 - 5 %. 

All our delicious, health-inspiring tea blends are packed with this golden compound! 


How Do I Save Money When I Buy Organic?

It is true that there is an unfortunate downside to eating organic - organically produced foods are more labour-intensive and thus, organic products are usually more expensive than non-organic products. But in the long run, it is worth the extra cost for those who value health.

But the good news is that you can spend judiciously, and save some money by recognizing that some produce is fine when ‘conventionally’ grown - there are certain nonorganic fruits and vegetables that can pass muster, and you can eat these with a little less pressure on the budget! Some foods, like avocados, coconuts, nuts, bananas or onions for instance, are not often sprayed with pesticides, but things like lettuce, tomatoes and celery are hugely susceptible to bugs so these things are heavily sprayed with pesticides in conventional farming. Many of the root vegetables absorb pesticides in the soil very easily - so organic Turmeric and ginger is an absolute essential :)

Click here to see which foods are NOT essential as organic, and please make sure to do your own research on what foods are very important to only be organic – your body will thank you!

And as for the produce that has to be organic, remember that you can spend a bit more now, or spend a lot more later, on medical bills created by a challenged body struggling on a diet of synthetic chemicals and poisons.  

All we want is your ongoing health and wellness.  

. . .

Our 100% Natural & Organic, Richly Flavorful Tea Blends

turmeric ginger tea bags by taka-turmeric
turmeric ginger tea bags by taka-turmeric
turmeric ginger tea with coconut and black pepper by taka turmeric
turmeric ginger tea box back made by taka turmeric
Organic Ginger Lemon - 15 Teabags

Organic Ginger Lemon - 15 Teabags

turmeric chai tea bags by taka turmeric
turmeric chai tea bags by taka turmeric
turmeric masala chai with coconut and black pepper tea box
back of box for taka turmeric masala chai tea bags

Organic Masala Chai

turmeric hibiscus tea bags by taka turmeric
turmeric hibiscus tea bags by taka turmeric
turmeric hibiscus with coconut and black pepper tea bags
turmeric hibiscus tea box by taka turmeric

Organic Hibiscus Cinnamon - 15 Teabags

Organic Rooibos Honeybush - 15 Teabags
Organic Rooibos Honeybush - 15 Teabags
Organic Rooibos Honeybush - 15 Teabags
Organic Rooibos Honeybush - 15 Teabags

Organic Rooibos Honeybush - 15 Teabags


IMPORTANT NOTE: Are you on any prescription medications? Before adding something new to your diet for medicinal purposes, make sure to check with your Physician .

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