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Growing up on a nature reserve in Cape Town, herbs and spices were an essential part of life. Turmeric was a favourite of my mother’s, who learned about the positive benefits of this vibrant yellow spice when studying Ayurveda.

Her enthusiasm and faith in the medicinal properties of this golden spice, meant it was used for the whole family (even our dog), for everything from herbal infusions to grazed knees.

After years of experimenting with various concoctions to find the best combination of ingredients, I’m glad to say my mother’s recipes greatly improved. These recipes and her quest to make turmeric tasty, inspired Taka and our range of delicious health-giving drinks & teas.

With love, Talia



Living off-the-grid as a child, Talia gained an early understanding of nutrition, so inspiring people to live a healthy lifestyle comes as second nature. Combined with a head for business, she is the life force behind Taka Turmeric.


A qualified nurse and massage therapist specialising in pain relief, Karen first discovered turmeric when studying Ayurveda with Dr Rajen Cooppan. Her original quest to make turmeric taste good, is what’s made this all possible.


As a keen sportsman, nutrition has always been a priority for Graham. He believes in the positive benefits of turmeric and with his experience working with start-ups, he’s the perfect person to spread the goodness of Taka Turmeric, around the world. 

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In our hometown in Cape Town, we could buy a wide variety of Indian spices but the quality was not always good and neither was the flavour.

So, we travelled to India in search of the very best organic turmeric, but soon learnt that it wasn’t as easy as it sounded.

taka turmeric roots in India


Even in India, only a small percentage of turmeric is organically and ethically grown.  It also comes in different grades, so the taste can vary from bitter, to extremely bitter and the amount of curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) can vary, too.

This knowledge was invaluable and enabled us to source the very best herbs and spices, to create a golden synergy of taste and health.

Our organic turmeric with its beautiful orchid-like flower, is undoubtedly the star of the show. And, to benefit from the healing properties of this wonderful spice, all our recipes include a little black pepper and coconut, to activate and absorb its goodness.