Taka turmeric Golden ginger tea bags

For a heart-warming soother that comes with a peppery punch, try our Taka Turmeric Golden Ginger Tea Bags. Don’t be deceived by the delicate golden glow of this Ayurvedic blend – a zing of spicy ginger quickly follows the bittersweet lemon foretaste. Our expert blenders use cooling coconut to balance the complex organic spices in this caffeine-free, Golden Ginger tea recipe.

Taka Golden Ginger Turmeric Tea Benefits:

  • 15 individually sealed coconut, lemon, turmeric & ginger tea bags
  • Add lemon & honey for a softer, sweeter drink
  • A caffeine-free treat that’s great for mornings, daytime or evenings
  • 100% organic spices, including coconut, turmeric & ginger

Brewing a warming cup of Taka Golden Ginger tea is quick and easy. Just add a single tea bag to a cup of freshly boiled water, then leave to brew for a few minutes. The turmeric, ginger and lemon gradually infuse the water with a sunshine yellow glow. The fragrance is incredibly exotic, carrying notes of intense ginger, lemon and subtle coconut.


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The ginger plant, Zingiber officinale, is a close relative of turmeric. In both plants, it’s the roots that are used to make the delicious organic spices that flavour our Taka teas, drinks and supplements.

Ginger is a spice with long history – it plays a particularly important role in traditional Ayurvedic healing. Although ginger is recorded as being widely used in ancient India and the Far East, the spice was introduced to Europe by the Romans in the first century AD.

Ginger has a hot, stimulating flavour. When paired with a little lemon, ginger makes a deliciously comforting tea that lifts the spirits. Our Golden Ginger blend is a particularly tasty example!

From Pina Colada cocktails to exotic deserts and chocolate bars, most of us are familiar with the tropical fragrance of the fruit of Cocos nucifera – the coconut palm.

Coconut flesh has a sweet, creamy flavour and a flaky texture. It’s an irresistible combination that makes coconut a popular ingredient in curries as well as cakes.

Our organic desiccated coconut is a convenient, dried form of coconut flesh that we use in all of our Taka tea recipes. As well as giving our teas a hint of tropical fragrance, desiccated coconut also adds notes of creamy sweetness.

Fresh and uplifting, lemon peel is the main source of aromatic lemon oil. In our Taka tea blends, lemon peel vitalises the other spices, leaving a fresh, sunshine zing on the palette.

We only use lemon peel that is 100% organic. This ensures that our source lemons are entirely free from waxes, pesticides and other harmful substances.

The best example of our lemon peel blending is our Golden Ginger recipe. Lemon and ginger have a natural affinity which is superbly demonstrated in this refreshingly fruity blend.

Scarlet rose hips are a common sight in European hedgerows at the end of summer. Hips are the seed pods of wild roses. After the roses bloom, the petals fall away, leaving the hips to ripen in the waning sun.

In the recent past, rose hips were collected for home jam-making, herbal teas and winemaking. Rose hips are a great source of vitamin C, and have a natural fruity sweetness.

We use organically sourced rose hips to add luscious juiciness to our fruity spiced tea blends.

If ‘fenugreek’ sounds a little unusual, how about ‘Trigonella foenum-graecum’ – the Latin name for this distant relative of the pea? Indian food lovers may know this spice as methi-leaves.

When used to make curries, Indian cooks often add fenugreek seeds early in the cooking process. Fenugreek is a sweet, binding spice that helps with flavour infusion. Methi leaves are often added towards the end of cooking, where they freshen the sauce before serving.

In our Taka tea recipes, we use organic fenugreek for its spicy sweetness and its flavour infusing qualities.

There are various types of pepper which can be used to add warming flavours to foodstuffs and drinks. In our Taka tea recipes, we use the crushed, dried corns of Piper nigrum.

The hot, spicy flavour of black pepper comes from a natural compound called piperine. As well as making our spiced teas deliciously moreish and stimulating, piperine also has a special digestive synergy with turmeric.

Along with turmeric, our signature ingredient, you’ll find a warming pinch of black pepper in all of our Taka spiced tea recipes.

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