Taka Turmeric Golden Hibiscus Tea Bags

Don’t miss our specially blended, Taka Turmeric Golden Hibiscus Tea Bags! With a fragrant sprinkle of dried hibiscus flowers, this tangy spiced tea can be served piping hot, or chilled with ice. Along with hibiscus, turmeric and coconut are the star ingredients in this fruity, caffeine-free blend.

Taka Golden Hibiscus Tea Benefits:

  • 15 individually sealed hibiscus, turmeric & coconut tea bags
  • A spiced, tangy tea made with 100% organic ingredients
  • Serve hot, or sweetened over ice
  • A convenient alternative to dried hibiscus flowers

To make a Golden Hibiscus tea, simply soak a Taka tea bag in a cup of freshly boiled water. After a few minutes the brew is transformed – developing a deep, rose-gold colour. Add a little sweetener for a delightfully refreshing, hot fruity drink. As an added surprise, a burst of tingling spice quickly follows the mouth-watering fruity flavours.

Alternatively, use a few teabags to brew a pot of Golden Hibiscus tea. Leave to cool, then chill in the fridge. Serve over ice to wow your friends with this tangy refresher on a hot afternoon!


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The scarlet flowers of Hibiscus sabdariffa are used across the world to brew refreshingly tangy drinks. In Arabic countries, a sweetened Hibiscus tea called Karkade is a popular refreshment that’s served both hot and cold.

In Mexico, ‘Flor de Jamaica’ are dried Hibiscus flowers and petals that can be bought in health food stores for brewing a refreshing ‘Jamaica tea’ at home.

We use 100% organically grown flowers and petals to give our special hibiscus tea blend a deliciously fruity tang.

From Pina Colada cocktails to exotic deserts and chocolate bars, most of us are familiar with the tropical fragrance of the fruit of Cocos nucifera – the coconut palm.

Coconut flesh has a sweet, creamy flavour and a flaky texture. It’s an irresistible combination that makes coconut a popular ingredient in curries as well as cakes.

Our organic desiccated coconut is a convenient, dried form of coconut flesh that we use in all of our Taka tea recipes. As well as giving our teas a hint of tropical fragrance, desiccated coconut also adds notes of creamy sweetness.

In our Taka Turmeric tea recipes, we use 100% organic Ceylon cinnamon. This sustainably grown spice is made from rolled quills of Cinnamomum verum bark. Cultivated mainly in Indonesia, this true form of cinnamon is famous for its delectable aroma and flavour.

Cinnamon is a deliciously fragrant, woody spice that’s often associated with festive treats like Christmas cakes and mulled wine. In India, cinnamon is an Ayurvedic spice that forms one of the main ingredients of Garam Masala.

Ceylon cinnamon adds subtle warmth and complexity to many of our spiced tea recipes.

Often compared to aniseed or fennel, we find that liquorice has a richer, more wholesome flavour. Our organic liquorice is made from the woody roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra, a two metre tall shrub which thrives in sunny climates across Asia and Europe.

Liquorice is a mouth-watering, flavoursome herb which appears in the folklore and foods of many Eastern countries. The properties of liquorice root are mentioned in the English herbal encyclopaedia, ‘Culpeper’s Complete Herbal’, published in 1653.

As well as delivering a deliciously wholesome aftertaste, liquorice helps to blend and balance the spicy flavours in our 100% organic teas.

It’s a surprising fact that Orange trees aren’t found growing naturally in the wild. All modern orange trees can trace their ancestry back to China, under the reign of the mythical Yellow Emperor, around 2500 BC.

While the juice of the orange is deliciously sweet, orange peel is rich in perfumed essential oils. Orange peel oils have a bittersweet, tart flavour. The oils also carry more of the zingy citrus aroma that make oranges so temptingly fragrant.

It takes expert blending to harmonise the bittersweet perfume of organic orange peel with the exquisite spices in our fruity Taka tea recipes!

The dried, star shaped fruits of Illicium verum (Star Anise) are one of the main ingredients of Chinese, five-spice powder. It’s also one of the ingredients that gives the Italian liqueur, Sambuca, its distinctive aniseed flavour.

Star anise has a unique taste; combining the richness of liquorice with the freshness of fennel. The organic variety that we’ve chosen for our delicious Taka Turmeric recipes is 100% free from pesticides and harmful additives.

Star anise is a flavoursome blending spice with a deliciously satisfying aroma.

Clove is one of the essential spices that seems to have been used since the dawn of civilisation. These familiar brown spikes are actually the dried flower buds of Syzygium aromaticum. Clove trees are thought to have originated on the Maluku Islands of Indonesia.

With each individual clove packing a powerful punch of flavour, clove is a spice that demands sensitive blending. With the balance just right, clove delivers an exhilarating zing of refreshment to a mix of complex spices.

Delicately balanced organic clove is a signature ingredient in our Taka Turmeric Golden Chai and other specialist teas.

There are various types of pepper which can be used to add warming flavours to foodstuffs and drinks. In our Taka tea recipes, we use the crushed, dried corns of Piper nigrum.

The hot, spicy flavour of black pepper comes from a natural compound called piperine. As well as making our spiced teas deliciously moreish and stimulating, piperine also has a special digestive synergy with turmeric.

Along with turmeric, our signature ingredient, you’ll find a warming pinch of black pepper in all of our Taka spiced tea recipes.

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