Golden Tea 125g
Golden Tea 125g Golden Tea 125g Golden Tea 125g Golden Tea 125g
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Golden Tea 125g

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Softly spiced and wonderfully aromatic, Taka Turmeric Loose Golden Tea is an invigorating, caffeine-free alternative to your usual daytime brew. Rather than relying on caffeine to get you through a busy day, this Ayurvedic tea blends turmeric, coconut, cinnamon and other stimulating spices in a subtle fusion of exotic flavours. Like all Taka drinks and supplements, this loose tea blend has a generous helping of 100% organic turmeric and black pepper.

Taka Loose Golden Tea Benefits:

  • 125g resealable pack, enough for 25+ individual servings
  • Loose tea – adjust measures to your own taste
  • Ayurvedic turmeric tea recipe, dairy & caffeine-free
  • Refreshing alternative to ordinary tea and coffee
  • Contains organic turmeric, coconut, black pepper & mild spices

This gorgeous golden tea comes vacuum packed for freshness in a resealable bag. For a traditional brew in a small teapot, you can stir a teaspoon of Golden Tea into about 200ml of freshly boiled water. After 4 or 5 minutes, serve the tea through a strainer. To finish with a flourish, add a slice of juicy lemon and a dab of honey!

A French press (cafetière) or other plunger style pot is equally good for brewing this mildly spiced blend.

Ingredients: Turmeric, Desiccated Coconut, Ceylon Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Fenugreek, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper.

Certified Organic by EcoCert SA.