Why Do We Promote Organic Turmeric over Isolated Curcumin? It’s a Better Return on Your Investment!


If you all have noticed, we love Organic Turmeric. 🙂

Turmeric is not only a staple ingredient of many curry and other spice mixes, it is also used in different beverages and even beauty products.

The powerhouse health ingredient in Turmeric is Curcumin.

Curcumin accounts for a majority of the chemical makeup of Turmeric and also provides the golden colour that makes Turmeric so beautiful. 

~ As of January of 2015, there were 5000 recorded studies about the benefits of Curcumin listed on the National Institutes of Health PubMed database. (link)

With over 6000 articles published in the past 20 years, even those who are reluctant to try Turmeric can find ample resources of factual evidence supporting the many benefits of this plant. There is an extensive listing of these studies here, which details the benefits of Curcumin.

One of the biggest advantages of taking Curcumin for a specific illness or disease is that you don’t end up with the many side effects that you do from taking a prescription medication for the same medical reason. At least not all of them.

Along with the benefits, there are a couple of red flags that need to be looked at in regards to taking Isolated Curcumin for long periods of time.

One drawback to using high levels of Curcumin is that it has been shown to cause Liver Damage. One particular study indicated that particularly high doses of Curcumin damaged the DNA of liver. (link)

Further, it was the mitochondrial DNA that was more adversely affected than the DNA in the nucleus of the cell. Damage to Mitochondrial DNA or (mtDNA) is directly linked with aging. It’s amazing how many things happen at the cellular level that we never see or think about! (link)


Could this damage be a result of the fact that Isolated Curcumin is a very low absorbability rate? We don’t know yet, in terms of scientific evidence. We do need to look at how we absorb Isolated Curcumin though, to understand the next potential red flag.

An important question to ask about anything we take for medicinal reasons is how easily we can absorb the supplement that’s being taken, especially in the form we are taking it in.

When Curcumin is taken alone (Isolated Curcumin) it is usually taken orally. Numerous studies on the bioavailability of Curcumin show that after it is taken only about 60% or less of it gets absorbed, meaning that 40 – 70% of it passes through the intestinal tract already metabolized, and pretty useless for the rest of our anatomy.

~ What this meant  in one study, was that they needed to take at least 1.6 grams of Curcumin daily to effectively deliver its properties. (link)

So while Isolated Curcumin deposits all these incredible benefits into your body, some of them are lost because we don’t absorb everything that is there for us to use.

It’s a bit like depositing a £1000.00 check into your bank account, but only getting to use £600.00 of it!

So now we have this dilemma: we know that Curcumin is good for many things, but it’s hard to absorb and the high doses that we might want to use to treat a serious health ailment, could damage our cells and even make us age faster.


How Can You Get a Better Return on Your Investment with Organic Turmeric?

Let’s go back for a minute and look at Organic Turmeric, and how it helps us medicinally.

There have been 326 biological properties found in Turmeric! (source)


If you remember that Curcumin is a large component of Turmeric, it is easy to see how taking Organic Turmeric verses taking Isolated Curcumin delivers a much fatter deposit of disease fighting benefits.

Plus, and probably the biggest advantage in using Organic Turmeric instead of Isolated Curcumin, is that there are virtually no negative side effects from the Turmeric. Instead of aging your cells, Organic Turmeric enlivens your cells and protects them from damage in the future.

But wait…there’s one more part. 

Although you’re getting many more benefits from taking Turmeric verses Isolated Curcumin, there’s still the challenge of gaining access to all of your funds.

All studies have shown that combining Black Pepper with Organic Turmeric greatly increases the bioavailability of Curcumin. The increase in absorbability breaks down those deterrents to accessing everything that is there; making your deposit fully accessible!

The main chemical of Black Pepper that provides so much help in absorbing Curcumin is Piperine.

The biggest benefit of adding Piperine to your diet and especially to your Turmeric is that it increases the absorption rate of the Curcumin.

Studies on animals and humans showed that adding 20 mg of Piperine to 2 g of Curcumin increased its absorption rate by 2000%. (link)

What this means is that the Piperine combined with Turmeric/Curcumin is a win-win and the best investment for your health.


The best way to have full access to all of the disease fighting benefits of Curcumin is by taking it in the form of Organic Turmeric with Piperine. Although Isolated Curcumin can be helpful for very specific illnesses, it is best utilised by our bodies when consumed in supplement form or as part of a spice blend for food and beverages. Organic Turmeric can be used as much as needed or wanted, and there is no need to worry about the negative side affects you can get with taking Curcumin alone.

To Your Good Health!

The TAKA Team