Share the Love – Turmeric is Purrfect for Your Furry Companions Too!


Many of us have learned the importance and beauty of family, whether it be our immediate family or our extended one; including our furry family members!

For those of us that are animal lovers, we know how much our dear pets take priority in our hearts and homes as they become some of the most special family members we have.

Something that all animal lovers have in common – is that we treat our pets like we treat ourselves. Most of the time, this is a good thing!

We eat good organic foods, get enough rest, keep ourselves hydrated, and stay active and exercise. It’s the same with our animals. We feed them the best food we can, we allow them room to play and run outside, we give them fresh water, and a warm cozy place to sleep.

Sometimes, we even give our pets some of the same foods that we take for healing or preventative purposes. Simple examples of this would be:

  • Adding Brewer’s Yeast to your dog or cat’s food to prevent fleas
  • Adding Coconut Oil to your pet’s food to help their coat and skin
  • Spraying Chamomile Tea onto skin rashes for itching
  • Using natural supplements for joint health in older animals

Many pet owners use what are considered alternative methods for keeping their animals healthy and free from bugs instead of using medicinal treatments that carry negative side effects and allergy triggers.

There is another all natural and organic addition that you can make to your pets’ diets, which you may not have thought of yet: it’s Turmeric!

All of the wonderful and amazing benefits that Turmeric brings to your body and health will do the same for your furry friends.

This is exciting news because the word on Turmeric has gone viral as being one of the most important and beneficial natural superfoods that reduces inflammation, eases pain, fights tumours, and boosts brain function; with NO side effects!

There are thousands of studies showing the benefits of Turmeric in humans, which is one reason its popularity is increasing so much. As lovers of natural health, we also have started applying this holistic approach towards health and healing to our animals’ well being too.


How Does Turmeric Benefit our 4-Legged Friends?

One of the foremost authorities in using Turmeric for our pets is Dr. Doug English; an Australian Vet who has been researching and using Turmeric with all kinds of animals for many years.

Dr. English grew up on a farm in Australia where he first became aware of Turmeric, and later went on to obtain degrees in Agriculture and Veterinary Science.

For years, he has been using Turmeric in his patients/animals for conditions such as:

  • Arthritis and Inflammation
  • Pain from inflammation
  • Tumors
  • Itchy skin
  • Allergies
  • Atopy
  • Infections
  • Age Degenerative Issues

This list sounds a lot like the list of how Turmeric benefits us humans as well, doesn’t it!?

The wonderful thing is that Turmeric is great for all kinds of animals, not just dogs or cats. Dr. English has had success with Turmeric in horses, goats, Cattle, Sheep, Ducks and Chickens, Pigs, Rabbits, dogs and cats, and even…Crocodiles! <— wow! Talk about a happy Croc!

Let’s take a look at just a few of the findings that Dr. English has discovered over the years when using Turmeric with different animals.

  • Turmeric helps ease the itch in Horses caused by “Queensland Itch” as well as soothing and healing skin infections. Coats also brow better and appear shinier.
  • Turmeric relives arthritis pain and inflammation in all animals, allowing for easier and greater mobility.
  • Cancerous tumours, especially Sarcoid Cancers in Horses have been eliminated through feeding and topical usage of Turmeric.
  • Other cancers have responded well in many different animals to the addition of Turmeric in their diet.
  • Hoof health in Horses is greatly increased by using Turmeric, as it has been shown to alleviate pain and infection of the hoof, as well as instigate a faster growth and recovery from injury.
  • It is beneficial for preventing and curing Uveitis in horses, one of the leading causes of blindness in our equine friends.
  • Turmeric has been very beneficial in older animals with age-related Dementia by increasing their ability to remain physically active and engaged with their environment longer.
  • It is beneficial in curing “kennel cough” and other types of breathing disorders in dogs and other animals.

These is just a partial list of the findings by Dr. English and his team; and with so much great information on his website, please make sure to Read More Here.

What Are the Best Ways to Give Your Pet Turmeric?

Well, it all depends on what kind of animal you’re giving it to, how big the animal is, and what the exact purpose of using the Turmeric is. 

Dr. English advises that we all start out with just a little bit, (1/8 teaspoon) with our smallest loves, such as cats, small dogs, rabbits, etc. Then increase the dosage as your animal tolerates it and responds to the medicinal properties.

*An important thing to remember about Turmeric is that it must be mixed with a little Ground Black Pepper and Coconut Oil (or other high quality fat)

to increase its absorption! Read more…

Turmeric can be added directly to food, given orally through a syringe, or used as a poultice and applied directly to an injury or wound.

*Turmeric can be used in conjunction with traditional medicines in most cases with no complications. Just be sure to let your Vet know if you are combining Turmeric in with a prescribed medication.

“Golden Paste” is one of the favourite ways that most people add in Turmeric to their pets’ diet on a daily basis.

Golden Paste is made up of Turmeric Powder, Ground Black Pepper, a Healthy Fat Oil, and Water. Simply mix all ingredients in a sauce pan on your stove top, let simmer for about 7-10 minutes, and store in your refrigerator.  

Turmeric & Piperine (Black Pepper Extract) Capsules are also a easy and no fuss way to get some turmeric into your fury friends diets if you are not able to make the paste, either by popping a capsule or two in your pets wet food or simply sprinkling a little in and mixing it in.

Turmeric is just as beneficial for our furry family as it is our human tribe! Just like us humans, our animals will feel better; have more energy, less pain, and much more fun with us in life – by using Turmeric. We benefit from their increased health and vitality by having more quality time with them…it’s a win-win. So start sharing the Golden Love of Turmeric to your sweet pets today!

To Your Good Health!

The TAKA Turmeric Team