The Story of Turmeric


Turmeric is a pungent Asian spice with a fascinating heritage. The fleshy root of the turmeric plant

(Curcuma Longa) is dried and ground to produce a finely powdered spice with a lustrous golden

colour. As well as being an essential ingredient in Indian curries, turmeric also plays an important

role in traditional Ayurvedic philosophy. 


Turmeric is a spice that requires careful blending. The flavour is uniquely earthy, with a slight tang.

There’s also a hint of peppery heat. While not particularly distinctive on its own, turmeric works

behind the scenes to transform its sister-spices into a symphony of deliciousness. 


Turmeric is a cornerstone ingredient in our full range of Taka Turmeric teas and drinks. For

dedicated turmeric fans, we even produce our own organic Taka Turmeric capsules! 











Black pepper contains an enzyme called Piperine, which goes to work in the stomach, improving the digestion

of Turmeric and allowing curcumin to be taken up into the blood stream. “It is proven that the absorption of

curcumin is modest, but can be increased by up to 2000% when co-administered with piperine” (a compound

found in black pepper). PMID: 9619120 (link to Pubmed publication).


We have included organic black pepper in all of our beverages – so you can take full advantage of that

impressive absorption factor for every drink that you have!



Coconut is full of flavour and combines perfectly with turmeric to maximise the

absorption of curcumin. By combining turmeric with coconut, curcumin is protected from harsh stomach

acids on its way to the small intestines.


In all of our drinks we have included either coconut milk powder or desiccated coconut, both brimming with

65% coconut oil that delivers greater absorption of curcumin to your body.









The key principles of organic farming are based on care and respect for the society and our environment. Being

involved in the entire supply chain gives us the opportunity to reach a level of transparency for our customers

and also positively impacts the organic farms and the lives of the farmers.


We source organic turmeric from Southern India. Each region has its own geographical conditions, which

 creates a varied result of curcumin and oil content. Below is a table of the

typical essential oil and curcumin content by region.






Although quite subtle, when comparing the turmeric cultivated from these regions they are often different in

colour and taste. All of these factors are considered before importing and blending our mixes to achieve the

very best quality, taste and results.







Quality Assurance


Tests are conducted on each and every batch of turmeric for its organoleptic properties and for microbiological

 analysis – each batch produced can then be referred back to these tests.


Quality Control is conducted multiple times on every process, from farming, to manufacturing and then to you.

We are involved in every step of the way, so we give our assurance of the very best quality.